Acetate Sunglasses |Del Mar Collection

Acetate Sunglasses |Del Mar Collection

Acetate Sunglasses |Del Mar Collection

Del Mar Collection

For those inspired by life on the water, sunglasses inspired by what’s under it.
These frames feature colors and patterns inspired by ocean life and structures.

Aransas Polarized Sunglasses
Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses
Sarasota Polarized Sunglasses
Del Mar Collection Technology

Del Mar Collection Technology

Each naturally hypoallergenic frame is made by hand using five-barrel hinges, first-rate plastic coated screws, Diamond Cut and Mother of Pearl treated logos, custom topographical etched core wires that allow for an excellent fit, as well as, complete adjustability to produce premium sunglasses that allow you to ride the tides of life and look good while doing it.

Del Mar Collection Technology - May

Shown: May, Shiny Abalone, Polarized 580 Gray Lenses

Del Mar Collection Technology - Sarasota 

Shown: Sarasota, Shiny Seafoam Crystal with Shell Inlay, Polarized 580 Gray Lenses

Del Mar Collection Technology - Aransas

Shown: Aransas, Matte Storm Gray, Polarized 580 Gray Silver Mirror Lenses